Cultural exchange

Posted on , Sunday, November 10, 2013 8:32:06 PM

LACQUER ART is considered as National painting of Vietnam, however, many people even Vietnamese don’t know what it is made from, how to make it, what are the main materials used and which are its techniques and skills.

A session of three-hours cultural exchange conducted by Artist-Prof TRAN Anh Tuan would meet your demand to learn about the Vietnamese lacquer art. At the studio, you will have opportunity to admire various lacquer paintings inspired by the Artist him-self, you will be shared about history of Vietnamese lacquer, steps to create a lacquer painting, tools and materials used for lacquer. The Artist will demonstrate the steps of making lacquer paintings, then instruct you to try yourself some basic techniques like painting, gluing silver leaves or sticking eggshell...
On request, visitors also can make lacquer painting or item from their own design, once having finished, they can keep it as souvenir. 

If you love to discover this valuable and traditional Vietnamese Lacquer Art, please contact us HERE or send us email to for further information and to make an appointment with us.